How To Get Accutane 10mg (20mg) at Cheapest Price in Japan. Save Your Money on Your Acne.

How To Get Accutane 10mg (20mg) at Cheapest Price in Japan. Save Your Money on Your Acne.

Hi this is Kiyo, living in Japan.

I would like to show the way to buy accutane 10mg (also available for 20mg) at lowest price in Japan on this article.

Before having accutane, you should already have experience for taking it in your country and know about side effects in advance.

How Do You Get Accutane in Japan?

There are two ways to buy accutane in Japan

  • Get prescribed in dermatology
  • Buy online from certain website

Get Prescribed Accutane in Dermatology

You can not always get accutane in any dermatology.

You can find some dermatology where you can get subscripted accutane. But you cannot use insurance at any where, so it should be quite expensive.

Also, there are only few doctors can speak English fluently and you do not know who is good at English or not.

Buy Accutane Online From Website

Did you know that you can actually buy accutane online in Japan?

You cannot find ones in drug stores or even on amazon because accutane is recognized as medicine and prohibited to buy easily.

But there are some websites that you can buy online and they will send you from abroad like Singapore or Taiwan.

So, you are not really buying accutane in Japan but importing from overseas. We call it 個人輸入 (personal importing) in Japan.

Since it is importing, there is a regulation for amounts of accutane you can buy at once.

Do not worry that I have never been stopped by customs.

It is completely legal and many Japanese people are doing this because you can get accutane at much lower price than clinics.

You can get exactly same ones prescribed on some dermatologists or  you can get in your mother countries. You never get fake ones!

How To Get accutane 10mg (20mg) at Cheapest Price in Japan.

Now, I would like to instruct how to buy accutane online in Japan.

On this website, you cannot use visa credit card. You can only use mastercard and some JCB cards.

You click this link first. Accutane 10mg or 20mgThis site is called ‘best kenko’ (I recommend 10mg because 20mg cause more risks for side effects)

You have to choose how many boxes you want. As you buy more, it will get cheaper.

Click here to proceed.

Fill out the information. If you do not have Kanji name, both can be Hiragana.

Click left one to pay by creditcard.

You can choose English ver for the payments.

Since you are importing accutane from other Asian countries like Singapore, it might take one to two weeks.

You can also get A-let gel (tretinoin cream)  or hydroquinone cream etc You can buy them all on this website at same time.

※These websites can be seen only in japan. If you want to access to these websites, you need to connect to VPN.I do not think they can send abroad, anyways.

This is how you get accutane at very cheap price in Japan. If you have questions, write a comment below.

I have Youtube channel and introduce about treatments of acne and acne scars on myself. Most of my videos are in Japanese.


You can also ask me some questions on Youtube but I can reply in detail here on my blog.


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